St. Mary’s Forane Church Arakuzha is in Arakuzha Village, 6 km from Muvattupuzha, India.The village has a large population of Syrian Catholic Christians. Syrian Christians of Arakuzha have more than 1500 years of recorded history. This Region of Kothamangalam, Vazhakulam, Arakuzha, Mylakompu, Nagapuzha, Muthalakodam of Northern Travancore has some very old churches. The St. Mary’s Church, Arakuzha belongs to the Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese of Kothamangalam. Read more

Malekurish Chappel

Erected between 1800 and 1810, there is a chapel named Malekurisu on the hillock on the south of Arakuzha church dedicated to St. Sebastian. It is still one of the famous pilgrim centers of the devotees in and around Aarakuzha. The Sunday after Easter (puthunjayar) is the day of feast. There is also the eighth day celebration or ettamidam the next week. Devotees climb the hillock reciting the way of the cross. Each stations of the way of the cross is beautifully depicted on the way.Read more

Edamana Chapel

Edamanakurisu was erected around 600 AD by the members of Aarakuzha Edamana illam who were Brahmin converts to Christianity. But other Christians also prayed there. It was given a facelift as a Kurisupalli (small chapel) and consecrated in 1812 by Edathattel Valiachan. But as both Christians and Hindus began to conduct nercha there, it was destroyed in 1859. The cross was placed in the cupola which was erected by the side of Aarakuzha – Thottakkara Road. Read more